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Getting Paid To Write

Getting Paid To Write



Do you have a passion for writing?  Have you ever written a blog article for your own blogging website?  Or, have you ever compiled a review of something to use as a video script or add to an article site?  If you have then you already possess the skills required to be a freelance writer and get paid good money for doing something you already qualified how to do!  Additionally, it doesn’t have to be just about writing, you can also get paid to proofread other people’s work or even transcribe their audio.

What’s the benefit of this side hustle is you don’t need to go all in. You can selectively choose your jobs and tailor them around everything else you have going on.



There are many benefits to freelance writing.  First, there are lots of writing jobs are available and you can work remotely, plus set your own schedule!  You are your own boss!  You manage yourself and when you work.  Freelance writing can be very interesting work since there are many topics to write about.  Furthermore, it’s easy to tailor around other related jobs or interest that you have.  If you are already passionate about writing, then getting paid to do something you love is just a bonus.



Of course, there are also some challenges that come with becoming a freelance writer.  First, you need strong discipline to get the assigned worked finished on time. Second, you can experience inconsistent cashflow if you can’t find stable writing jobs.  As a freelancer, you must manage marketing and need a marketing budget to find work. Additionally, writing can be boring if you must write about something that you are not passionate about.  It also takes a while to build up your writing portfolio in order to get offered high paying jobs. Moreover, there is a lot of competition to get chosen for more popular publications.  



We have many recommendations to become a successful freelance writer.  First, double-check the word count limits and abide to them or your work might get rejected.  Note that since the several rounds of editing will probably trim your revised write up, it’s ok to be a bit over the world count limit. 

You should also write for the target audience of the blog site or publication you are contracting for. Use BuzzSumo’s suggestion to find the in-demand topic to write about.  Most writing jobs expect you to write in a more casual, “friendly”, style like the way you would talk to a friend.

Read and follow all the rules on the site you are writing for, they vary between different publications so you should always refresh your knowledge on them before you start a new piece.  Make sure to carefully follow all the rules on the site you are writing for as they can drastically vary between publication.

You should read a lot too!  The best writers are also avid readers.  You need to refresh and expand your knowledge before you write a new piece.


Income Potential

Like most side hustles, the pay for writing or proofreading can vary, but you should be able to find ones that offer $300 – $700 for just one blog article post.  If you can get just 3 to 5 of these a month, you can potentially earn above $3k just from writing blog posts!

Getting the higher paying writing jobs are more difficult.  In the beginning you will need to take on some lower paying writing gigs in the $70 to $250 for blog article in order to build up your portfolio.  However, with practice and good reviews—you can prove yourself reputable to the high payers and make some serious side income!


Recommended Writing Sites

We recommend the following websites to get good paying freelance writing jobs:


In Conclusion

If you are passionate about writing, or content with doing it for some good money, then this hustle makes sense.  There are numerous writing sites out there for you to try, and the compensation can be adequate that you can even make a full-time income for this side hustle if you wanted!

The concept behind this side hustle though is for some extra income around your other related work, and you can make an extra several hundred dollars monthly initially or weekly when you are more experienced.  With enough experience and a solid writing portfolio, you can expect plenty of additional income!


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