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Learn About Crypto With Coinbase Earn! (Endorsement)

Today, we are going to discuss something a bit different.  For our first official endorsement, we would like to introduce a way for our followers to earn crypto while learning about crypto too!


We highly recommend Coinbase Earn to people that are brand new to cryptocurrency.  It is also suitable for people that desire to learn more about popular cryptocurrency.


As the very first step to earning cryptocurrency through Coinbase Earn, you will need to create a Coinbase Account.


Many Types Of Cryptocurrency Rewards Programs


Cryptocurrency rewards programs come in a variety of forms—from airdrop programs, bounty programs, referral programs, etc.  Though in our opinion, the most educational and fun way to start learning about cryptocurrency is through the Coinbase Earn program.


Bitcoin was invented in 2008, and the first people to receive some got it through mining for the cryptocurrency for the first five years.  In the next five years, from 2013 to 2018, people got crypto by buying it, exchanging their fiat currency for cryptocurrency.  Now many believe that people will get crypto by earning it.


Crypto Learning and Earning Together


Learning and earning go together on Coinbase Earn.    As you engage and use the crypto, not only do you learn by doing but also get paid in crypto too!


Coinbase Earn has created many high quality educational and entertaining videos for you to watch to learn about popular cryptocurrency.  The videos are relatively short, no longer than 10 minutes, and after watching you answer a simple quiz. 


Excellent Variety Of Popular Cryptocurrencies To Learn About


The table below summarizes the popular cryptocurrencies that you can learn about on Coinbase Earn:


Table 1: Popular Cryptocurrency On Coinbase Earn



Pass Fun Quizzes To Earn Crypto


To earn your crypto, you need to pass the quiz, but they are reasonably straightforward and you can re-watch the educational video as many times as you want.  Also, there are referral programs so you can earn some more crypto by referring your friends. 


After you have created a Coinbase account and started watching the educational videos, you can also refer your friends to learn and earn too!  Here are examples of referral programs on Coinbase Earn.



EOS (Earn $50 in EOS):



Stellar (Earn $50 in XLM):


Note: Due to supply and demand, not every cryptocurrency learning opportunity will be able to give you coins.  You might need to apply first.


Good Starting Crypto Income


If accepted in all the programs of Coinbase Earn, you can easily make a few hundred dollars in crypto in about an hour of watching the fun and educational videos!


Now a few hundred dollars may not seem like a lot of money for those in developed countries such as the US, UK, and Canada.  However, in many developing countries, this can be a big deal for starting crypto money that you can use for trading and investments too!


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