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Me and Bitcoin

Christian John Sales

Freelance Writer | Copywriter | Transcriber | Digital Marketer

Greetings, I am Christian John Sales.

I am an experienced freelance writer, copywriter, transcriber, and digital marketer that is seeking a challenging part-time or freelance opportunity. I started transcription back in 2018 when I was working on my master’s dissertation and interviewed many experts.

I also do various freelancing gigs on Fiverr:

For my background, I am an entrepreneur, author, educator, digital marketer, and founder of both and

The following is a portfolio of projects that I have done:

• My business blog site:

• My affiliate marketing site:

• My business YouTube channel:

I am the author of:

• The Amazon book: “Bitcoin Money: The Top 20 Ways to Make Income with Cryptocurrencies” 

• Skillshare Course: “10 FREE, Exciting, and Proven Ways To Get Bitcoin”

• Udemy Course: “Bitcoin Money: How To Get Cryptocurrency Bundle”

I have written many content articles for:

• LinkedIn Pulse: ex)

• Medium – The Capital Publication: ex)

• PublishOx (A Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Blogging Platform): ex)

• RobinHood Learn: ex)

I’m a former Senior Product Manager / Investment manager for a VC firm. Academically, I have a dual MBA and a BS in Computer Science. I am also a certified associate in Project Management. Moreover, I over 15+ years’ experience as an IT professional.

My diverse background will be of great benefit to any project. Not only am I very technically minded and an experienced writer but I am also entrepreneurially minded with great training in the latest digital marketing strategies.

Thank you for visiting my business blog website!

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule an interview.


Christian John Sales
Money Wise Alpha Founder

Skype: christian.sales623

Business # (818)-639-2099

Mobile / WhatsApp # +63 925 760 9342

WeChat: csales23


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